Damien: 20.7.11

A few weeks ago I had one of the most roller-coasting weekends since becoming a professional folk singer 22 years ago. The logistics were complicated enough but it was the variety of shows that really threw me. On Friday 27th May The Demon Barber Roadshow was booked at Knockengorroch Folk Festival in SW Scotland, not a huge distance from our base in Yorkshire but far enough to warrant a stopover, which the majority of our members did. I on the other hand had to be in London by 4pm the following day for what was to become one of the highlights of my career to date. Google maps suggested that Knockengorroch to London was about a 7 hour drive, add an hour or 2 for delays and the realities began to sink in. Rather than sleep in a tent and suffer an early morning I plumped for a split journey and leaving a muddy Roadshow in a field in Scotland I headed off around midnight for a Travel Lodge near Warrington. (more…)